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Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

Community Advisory Panel (CAP)


The TMI-2 Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a volunteer, non-regulatory body formed to enhance open communication, public involvement and education about the Three Mile Island Unit 2 Nuclear Power Station decommissioning project. It will serve as a conduit for public information and as a formal channel of community involvement and communication related to the decommissioning project.


TMI-2 Solutions will provide quarterly decommissioning updates to the CAP. The CAP will provide community feedback to TMI-2 Solutions including any issues or concerns related to Three Mile Island Unit 2 decommissioning activities.


The CAP will have a Chairperson who will oversee CAP activities and will include a broad cross-section of members who are appointed by various community, business, and government organizations from around Three Mile Island.  It is expected that the CAP will be fully established in the first half of 2021.

Community Advisory Panel (CAP) Charter PDF download


Community Advisory Panel Board Members

Steve Letavic

Londonderry Twp.

Hannah Pell

Jim Hazen

TMI-2 Communications

TMI-2 Solutions

Communications & Safety Manager

Lower Dauphin School District

Amy Burrell


Royalton Borough

Jay Ostrich

David Shoff

District Director,

U.S. Congressman Scott Perry’s office

Chief, Archives Division,

Pa. State Archives

Dominick DiFrancesco


Dauphin County

Bart Shellenhamer


Londonderry Volunteer Fire Co.

Shen Kreiser

Scott Miller

Nuclear Planner

York County

Communications & Marketing Manager

Harrisburg International Airport

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