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TMI-2 Representative Gives Guest Lecture

at Messiah University


March 18, 2022 – TMI-2 representatives Jim Byrne, former manager of licensing and engineering for TMI, and Hannah Pell, licensing engineer and TMI-2 Community Advisory Panel member, were welcomed by an Environmental Economics class at Messiah University in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


Byrne’s guest lecture included a general introduction to the science of nuclear power, step-by-step explanation of how the 1979 TMI-2 accident unfolded, and summary of the lessons learned from its consequences. Throughout, Byrne weaved in relevant historical context and personal stories from his own nuclear industry experiences, all while highlighting the complexity of the environmental implications of the accident and challenges during TMI-2’s cleanup.


“This semester in Environmental Economics, one of the topics we have been discussing is different energy sources and the costs and benefits of environmental safety associated with each of them. This visit from Hannah and Jim brought history to life, and the students were provided with information, explanations, and details that could not be conveyed through any case study, book or video,” Professor Allison Grindle said.


Byrne ended by discussing how the role of nuclear power in our energy production mix might change, especially given the increase in nuclear power plants preparing to shutter and decommission. The lecture became not only an opportunity for students to learn about such a significant moment in nuclear history – but a chance to consider its future. TMI-2 is an exemplary case study for doing so.


For more information about requesting a TMI-2 guest lecture, please contact Hannah Pell at or 717-599-2436.

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