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Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) Enters Next
Phase of Decommissioning Project


Salt Lake City, UT – May 8, 2023 – The Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2) Decommissioning project progressed into the next phase of the decommissioning project by transitioning out of its Post-Defueling Monitored Storage (PDMS) period into active decommissioning (DECON). DECON is defined as a phase of nuclear reactor decommissioning in which structures, systems and components that contain radioactive contamination are removed and safely disposed of at a commercially operated low-level waste disposal facility or decontaminated to a level that permits the material to be released for unrestricted use.


TMI-2 was placed in PDMS in December 1993 upon removal of more than 99% of the damaged fuel and completion of the post-accident TMI-2 Cleanup Program. Now thirty years later, the TMI-2 project team will begin performing source term reduction activities to further
reduce radiological conditions at the site, with safety and protection of workers, the public, and environmental welfare as the highest priorities.

Source term reduction activities are currently scheduled to occur over the next six years and will include segmentation and removal of radioactive systems and components, decontamination of locked High Radiation Areas, and packaging and transportation of low-level radioactive
waste. Most of the low-level radioactive waste will be shipped to EnergySolutions’ waste disposal facility in Clive, Utah. The ~1% of remaining damaged core debris will be stored in high-integrity storage containers onsite until transferred to the Department of Energy for final

As the TMI-2 project moves forward with decommissioning, the past is never far behind. TMI-2 Solutions recognizes the responsibility to ensure the historic record of the project is captured and has been coordinating with Pennsylvania historic agencies to preserve historical
and cultural resources. Though TMI-2 elicits memories of the accident, the facility is also a symbol of progress for the nuclear industry and the positive lessons learned in the decades thereafter. The TMI-2 project team remains honored to undertake such an important public service on behalf of the local community.


For additional information about this announcement please contact Mark Walker at or 801- 231 -9194.

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